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Outdoor landscape design Atlanta Georgia

Water Feature and Outdoor Fireplace set in a lush landscaped garden with Pergola, Atlanta, Georgia

Hugh M. Dixon, Owner and President, is a native of South Georgia, born and raised in Vidalia. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration.
After almost a decade in the geothermal business and five years with a large new home builder, he decided to form his own company north of Atlanta that would combine his practical construction experience with his creative side and love of landscaping. Working with natural stone, hardscapes and landscaping allows Hugh and his staff to create unique designs that are functional as well as beautiful. He takes tremendous pride in his ability to work with customers to convert their ideas into incredible outdoor living spaces.
Hugh and his trained staff of stonemasons and landscape professionals will install an outdoor living space designed to your specific needs that will far exceed your expectations.


How long does it take to complete a job?2020-01-09T11:52:37-05:00

The size of the project, level of customization and the materials used all play a part in the time we spend on each installation.

Can my General Contractor hire you?2020-01-09T11:51:50-05:00

Yes! We have been hired by general contractors to complete projects for their clients and enjoy the collaborative effort.

What kind of commercial installations do you do?2020-01-09T11:50:58-05:00

StoneAge Stonescapes has created many beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for businesses and not-for-profits in the Atlanta area. We have completed projects for churches, camps, schools, restaurants, retail spaces and multi-dwelling communities.

StoneAge is your Atlanta Georgia Forno Bravo Authorized Dealer and Installer

StoneAge is committed to old-world quality and efficiency thus offering a full line of Forno Bravo products.
Forno Bravo manufactures the finest Italian wood-fired ovens available today. 

Outdoor living spaces and especially outdoor kitchens are evolving constantly. In recent years, the most sought after component of the complete outdoor kitchen has become a brick oven or wood-fired oven. Although a custom wood-fired pizza oven can be expensive, the historic feel that you and your family will experience when cooking with this oven is priceless. Since the Middle Ages the wood burning oven has been used to bake bread and other foods. Its origin is unknown but leads us back to the origin of bread. The only way to bake bread was in a wood burning Brick Oven. Not only were they used for breads but also to cook pizza, roast meats, pastries and cakes. The wood burning oven gives food a wholesome flavor that cannot be achieved with other types of cooking. The Wood Burning Brick Oven has been discovered in the excavations of almost every ancient civilization taking several shapes and forms. The modern form of the brick oven originated in ancient Rome. The wood burning brick ovens excavated in ancient Pompeii were discovered in excellent shape and capable of cooking with only minor repairs. Ancient wood-fired ovens have been discovered throughout Europe, with little variation from the original Roman round, domed oven compartment and front vent design.

In Italy, the ovens were owned by individual families and were smaller — which is the foundation for Italy’s modern pizza oven industry. Round ovens built from brick, and even local stone, have been built in Italy seemingly forever. Practically every Tuscan farmhouse has, or had, an original brick or stone oven. Historically, many European communities relied on large, communal wood-fired ovens as their source for daily cooking needs. The entire village would share the ovens on a rotating schedule often starting the day with breads before moving on to roasted meats and vegetables. During World War II many of these large, communal ovens in Italian villages were destroyed. Soon thereafter, the Italian government commissioned an oven designer to create an oven that would meet the country’s urgent need for replacement ovens. With the objective to design a smaller, prefabricated oven allowing for quick assembly and faster heating times. The solution was to produce a family size wood-burning oven. These newly designed ovens were far more fuel efficient and had great heat retention allowing individual families to afford their own ovens. Soon the wood-burning oven became the Heart and Soul of Italian Family Life. This new appliance brought significant social changes and newly found independence for families regarding cooking techniques, prized family recipes and has helped foster the regional specialties that are celebrated today.

Forno Bravo is the manufacturer of the finest Italian wood fired ovens available today. If you’d simply like to order a Pizza Oven kit and handle the installation personally, StoneAge will handle your Forno Bravo oven order until it arrives at your door. At that point, our installation experts are available to you by phone or email to answer any questions or to address any concerns that you may have during your installation.

Ferno Bravo Outdoor Pizza Ovens