Time for some fall fun gathering around your Atlanta fire pit!

This is the perfect season for enjoying your backyard fire pit. The weather in Atlanta is cool enough to don heavy sweaters and huddle close to family and friends. Whether you fire pit is gas, propane or wood burning, grab some good food, good music and good people to enjoy the autumn weather.

Here are a few ideas:

Have a S’mores Party! Graham crackers, chocolate bars and gooey marshmallows are de rigueur for campfire style fun. Ask your guests to bring creative ingredients to add to their S’more and judge the best taste of the evening! (Hint: We LOVE adding a Reese’s Candy Cup instead of the regular chocolate bar!)

Go camping in your own backyard!

Grab some sleeping bags or a pup-tent, stay up and tell ghost stories and then sleep under the stars with the warmth of the firepit to keep you cozy.

Have a post-Halloween costume party.

After all the candy is collected gather around the firepit and have each guest strut their stuff in their Halloween costume. String orange fairy lights to add to the ambiance. Winners get a special bag of sugary treats. A few scary stories and some hot cocoa will add to the festivities.

Ready to get started on your Firepit?

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